Anzac Construction believe in taking the best possible advice from experts in all fields, our chosen partner for health and safety is RIG Systems of Wadebridge.

At Rig Systems we are different to other Health and Safety advisory providers, in that we place a much greater emphasis on what our clients actually want, rather than a standard tick box exercise.

Compliance is obviously at the heart of everything we do, but where we differ from others is in our focus on ensuring compliance within your specific work place, systems and methodology, which we achieve with a minimum of fuss and disruption, in consultation with you, to ensure that you are totally happy with any recommendations we make.

A good Health and Safety culture is often seen as an obstacle to increasing profitability whereas the opposite is actually true. A business ignoring good Health and Safety standards and practice, or merely paying lip-service to them, leaves itself and its assets critically exposed, should an accident or incident occur.

A reasonable annual investment with Rig Systems Health and Safety advisory and consultation service will help to protect yourself, your employees, your clients and perhaps more importantly, the very future of your business.

At Rig Systems we can help you to work safely and easily with a minimum of fuss, and give you the peace of mind to know that the systems we have agreed will mean everyone returning home safely too.

Our highly skilled team of instructors and safety consultants draw on their years of experience and in depth knowledge of current legislation to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to work safely in even the most uncompromising and safety critical environments.